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1.____________sense is one that is distributed throughout the body and has recep

1.____________sense is one that is distributed throughout the body and has receptor cells embeddedwithin internal organsa)visionb)tastec)specializedd)hearinge)general2.sweet, bitter and umami taste submodalities result from___________a)diffusion of sodium ions into gustatory cellsb)lowered ph due to increased hydrogen ion concentration in salivac)food molecules binding directly to a protein receptor3.Use the image above to answer the following questionThe membrane labeled as ________(number) in the image above represents the membrane that slidesacross the stereo cilia on the hair cells, causing the ion channels to open in hair cell membranes(that is,sensory transduction in the auditory system)a)1b)2c)3d)4e)54.__________ is the area of a sensory sheet that modulates the responsiveness of a sensory neuron. Itcan have both excitatory and inhibitory regionsa) detection centerb)receptive fieldc)hot spotd)command center5.Use the image to answer the following questionWhich sensation has the smallest receptive field?a)painb)touchc)vibrationd)warme)medial6. A disproportionate number of neurons in somatosensory cerebral cortex are associated with areas ofthe body having _____________a)a higher density and higher number of neurons present in those body regionsb)larger neurons in those body areasc)specialized (not general ) sense types of neurons in those body areasd)a lower density and low number of neurons in those areas of the body7. In the retina, _________will have the highest density of cone photoreceptorsa) corneab) pupilc)lensd)fovea8. which one of the following receptor types is associated with the largest receptive field size? Receptortypes that are sensitive to____________a)painb)touchc)warmd)vibration(mechanical)9.The visible electromagnetic spectrum has a range from 400-700 nanometers(nm). Wavelengthsperceived as red are in ________nm range and wavelengths perceived as blue in the ________nm range.a)475;650b)550;700c)650;475d)700;65010._________is the sensory system receptive to volatile chemical moleculesa)visionb)auditionc)olfaction(smell)d)gustatory(taste)e)somatosensation (touch, pressure, temperature, pain)f)proprioception (body and limb position sense)g)vestibular (head position sense)11)__________is the sensory system that encodes pitch and amplitude (intensity) as well as the speedand direction of the stimulusa)visionb)auditionc)olfaction(smell)d)gustatory(taste)e)somatosensation (touch, pressure, temperature, pain)f)proprioception (body and limb position sense)g)vestibular (head position sense)12. _________is the sensory system that encodes muscle stretcha)visionb)auditionc)olfaction(smell)d)gustatory(taste)e)somatosensation (touch, pressure, temperature, pain)f)proprioception (body and limb position sense)g)vestibular (head position sense)13. which of the processes below is NOT a feature of sensory transductiona)physical stimulus interacts with specialized protein receptorsb)interaction between chemical molecule and sensory receptor can lead to ion flow in the receptorchannelc) interaction between chemical molecule and sensory receptor can lead to neurotransmitter released)mechanical activation of receptors in the skin inhibits a response in the afferent axon associated withthat sensory receptore)stimulation of nociceptors (pain receptors) lead to sustained action potentials in A-delta and C-typeaxon fibers14. Sensory transduction results in conversation of the properties of an environment stimulus by asensory neuron into _________that are signals meaningful to the nervous system.a)action potentialb)physical movementsc)chemical reactions15._____________ is an important group of neurons in the brain of relaying sensory information tospecific sensory areas of cerebral cortexa)cerebellumb)ponsc)thalamusd)basal ganglia16.In the auditory system features of physical sound waves are transduced through interaction with thetympanic membrane which is attached to the ________which in turn push against the fluid in the canalof the cochleaa)ossiclesb)external acoustic (auditory)meatusc)basilar membraned)organ of cortie)tectorial membrane17.Which of the letter identifies the fovea?a)Ab)Cc)Dd)Fe)Hf)Gg)J18.Which letter identifies the lens?a)Ab)Cc)Dd)Fe)Hf)Gg)J19.Which layer is located closer to incoming light raysa)Ab)Cc)Dd)Ee)F20.__________cells reside in/at layer Ea)amacrineb)photoreceptorsc)only conesd)horizontal cellse)bipolar cells21.Proteins called opsins (which are involved in visual transduction) are present in cells found in layera)Ab)Cc)Dd)Ee)F22.Axons of cells in this layer of the retina will convey visual sensory information to the brain. Identify theletter of the layera)Ab)Cc)Dd)Ee)F23.Ganglion cells in layer __________give rise to the optic nervea)Ab)Cc)Dd)Ee)F24. The vestibular system encodes information about angular acceleration in the _______ and linearacceleration in the __________a)cochlear nucleus, basal gangliab)superior; otolith organsc)crista; otolith organsd)cochlear nucleus; superior colliculuse)cochlear nucleus; basal ganglia25.The _______and ______systems collectively contribute to the enjoyment of food and contribute to poornutrition in the elderly as their sensitivity declines during aginga)vision, tasteb) olfactory, tastec)auditory, visiond)somatosensory, vestibular

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