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1In the study of sciencedeductive reasoning may be used, but inductive reasoning

1In the study of sciencedeductive reasoning may be used, but inductive reasoning is preferredA)inductive reasoning may be used, but deductive reasoning is preferredB)only inductive reasoning is usedC)either deductive reasoning, inductive reasoning, or both may be usedD)2A successful scientific experiment will result only inrejection of one or more hypothesesA)proving a hypothesisB)accepting many hypothesesC)confirming predictionsD)3The "scientific method" involves all of the following exceptimagination and insightA)an educated guessB)a rigid set of logical stepsC)a suspicion of what the truth might beD)4Homologous structures among animals provide evidence for evolution in that these structuresaredifferent in different animals, but are modifications of the same basic structureA)similar in function, but of different basic structureB)all shown in the fossil recordC)all produced by the same geneD)5When it was shown that animals could reproduce geometrically but didn’t, Darwin concludedthatthe mathematics was faultyA)the study from which the conclusions were drawn was flawedB)they failed to reach their potential because of the selective action of natureC)they actually reproduce arithmeticallyD)6Darwin spent 5 years sailing around the world on theH.M.S. SpeciesA)H.M.S. BeagleB)H.M.S. EvolutionC)H.M.S. TortoiseD)7Darwin explained his theory of evolution in a book calledOn the Origin of SpeciesA)The Principles of PopulationB)Survival of the FittestC)Around the World in Eighty DaysD)8Which of the following is not part of the scientific process?making predictionsA)asking questionsB)using creative insightC)proving theories are trueD)9The study of the way individual traits are transmitted from one generation to the next is calledecologyA)geneticsB)cell biologyC)homologyD)analogyE)10 Which of the following did not help Darwin formulate his theory of evolution?fossil evidence that species had changed over timeA)closely related species on oceanic islandsB)belief that the earth was several thousand years oldC)evidence of artificial selection in domestic animalsD)all of the above did help DarwinE)11Structures that have the same evolutionary origin even though they may now have differentstructures or functions are said to beendemicA)analogousB)homologousC)immutableD)geometricE)12 Where did Darwin observe closely related species of finches and closely related species oftortorises?The Galapagos IslandsA)Patagonia, South AmericaB)the Cape Verde IslandC)AustraliaD)EnglandE)13 Who wrote an essay on population growth that helped Darwin formulate his theory ofevolution?Charles LyellA)EratosthenesB)Alfred Russel WallaceC)Thomas MalthusD)Karl PopperE)14 Using general principles to analyze specific cases is calleddeductive reasoningA)inductive reasoningB)natural selectionC)artificial selectionD)15 Which of the following pairs are analogous structuresthe front leg of a horse and a human armA)the front leg of a frog and a bat wingB)the wing of a bird and a bat wingC)the front flipper of a porpoise and a human armD)the wing of a bird and a butterfly wingE)16 How old was Darwin when he began his voyage around the world?5A)22B)30C)59D)59E)17 According to the fossil record, how many times has flight evolved among vertebrates?1A)2B)3C)4D)5E)18 Of the following biological levels of organization, which represents the smallest or lowestlevel?organsA)populationsB)cellsC)organismsD)tissuesE)19 According to Darwin’s theory of evolutionall individuals have an equal chance of surviving and reproducingA)species are immutableB)tortoises are the modern descendents of glyptodontsC)all of the aboveD)none of the aboveE)20 You are conducting an experiment to test the hypothesis that dairy cows will give more milkif they listen to classical music while being milked. Your 20 experimental cows listen toclassical music during milking; you collect all their milk and measure how much there is.Your 20 control cows should have all experimental conditions identical to the experimentalcows exceptthey should listen to classical music at a louder volumeA)they should listen to classical music all the time, not just during milkingB)they should listen to a different type of music, like heavy metalC)they should not listen to any musicD)they should not be milkedE)21 Which of the following statements concerning scientific hypotheses is false?Their consequences can be tested by different investigators.A)They can be used to make predictions.B)They are not always correct.C)They are the same as theories.D)They are constructed based on observations.E)22 Science is based on evidence rather than consensus.TrueA)FalseB)23 Scientists seek facts, but sometimes the best they can do are theories.TrueA)FalseB)24 Homologous structures in different species may serve different functions.TrueA)FalseB)25 Prior to the 19th century, most biologists believed that organisms living at that time werefixed entities that were divinely created.TrueA)FalseB)26 Deductive reasoningis always correctA)uses specific observations to draw more general conclusions.B)is rarely applied in scienceC)applies general principles to predict or explain specific resultsD)determines principles from observationsE)27 Which of the following is not a property of life?molding or adapting to one’s environmentA)regulating materials that enter or leave the systemB)responding to stimuliC)maintaining a relatively constant internal conditionD)reproducing, passing hereditary material to the next generationE)28 Evolution and natural selection are the same thing.TrueA)FalseB)29 All of the evidence gathered by Darwin to support his theory of evolution by natural selectionA)was gathered based solely on observations made during his trip to the GalapagosIslandswas first presented in a book by Charles LyellB)C)was gathered from observations made by Darwin and from information presentedby otherswas presented in his book Essay on the Principle of PopulationD)included an explanation of how traits can be passed from generation to generationE)

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