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Applications of Scale questions

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See the attached file as support to you . Also, look to the chapter 2 in the text book( Map Use )

It is often useful to know the relationship between map scale, map size, and ground coverage. The problemsbelow are meant to demonstrate the far-reaching usefulness of the map scale in its different expressions. Theyshow only a few of the many ways you can manipulate scale information to solve problems involving distancerelations. As you work through the problems, show your work, as well as the answers. You will only getpoints for the correct answer if you also include a meaningful description of how you derived it. Ifnecessary, you may attach an additional sheet. Be sure to include the appropriate units of measure in youranswers. You may also wish to refer to Chapter 2 in the textbook.

1. If the RF of a map is shown as 1:75,000, what is the verbal scale in “centimeters to the kilometer”? Roundthe answer to the nearest tenth.Draw a scale bar that correctly represents the verbal scale.

2. If the scale bar of a map shows, by measurement, that 1 cm represents 50 km, what is the RF?

3. If the scale bar of a map shows, by measurement, that 1 inch represents 75 mi., what is the RF?

4. The scale of Map A is 1:1,000,000 and the distance between two cities shown in that map measures 9inches. The distance between the same two cities on Map B is 6 inches. What is the scale of Map B?

5. Using a photocopy machine, you enlarge a 1:24,000 map to 135% of its original size. What will be the scaleof the enlarged map? Round the answer to the nearest ten (in the scale denominator).

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