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Beauty is only skin deep essay

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I have had encountered an experience where I was least comfortable in approaching a person but later the person changed my perception completely. This incident happened with me in the year 2009 when I went for a vacation to a new city. Interestingly, there was a film city where their various movie sets and shooting was going on. To our interest, there was a vanity van of an actor, who was quite popular, and we knew of him. I along with 4 of my family members have been to that film city where we were told about the shooting going on and the actor available in the vanity van.

As a matter of fact, we were quite excited to meet him as one of my cousins were fond of him but somehow, we did not know how to approach him. So, meanwhile, while we were discussing this, we saw a foreigner standing some 500 meters away from us. She was a lady with blonde and curly hair (Ganges tad, 2010). When we saw her, she was smoking at the corner. Since she was a foreigner and was different from our culture which we thought based on her appearance, we were not very comfortable in approaching her as we had a mindset that she would probably have an aggressive personality.

My Mother was really open in embracing her individualityand she knew that this lady would be the only who could make us meet the star inside the vanity van. So, she insisted that we must go and approach the lady and not merely judge her based on her appearance. In contrast, we were not receptive to this. Regardless of me and my cousin's concern, my mother directly went to the lady and initiated a conversation with her. To our surprise, the lady smiled and started talking to my mother, also she greeted my mother in a very warm and respectful manner. After a few minutes, my mother told her about our visit and asked her if she could manage to hold a small meeting of the star with us. She smiled and went inside the vanity van and after few minutes when she came out, she was accompanied by the star himself.

As fans, it was a pleasing moment for me, and my cousin sisters and the star talked to all of us for around 10 minutes and it did not seem that we spoke to a celebrity as he was humble enough to treat himself like a common man. That day, I learned from my mother not to judge someone on their appearance and that lady too changed our perception completely.

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