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BIO 1302 CSU Unit II Journal, Quiz & Assessment

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BIO 1302 Unit II Journal, Quiz & Assessment


Globally, the human population is increasing exponentially. What are some of the reasons for this population explosion? Do you think this is something that should be controlled? And if so, how might reproduction be curbed? What effects of population growth have you seen in the area you live in?

Your journal entry must be at least 200 words. No references or citations are necessary.


Question 1

Which of the following scenarios would exemplify a density-independent population regulation factor?

Rainbow smelt introduced into Lake Winnipeg competing with the native emerald shiners for food

Boll weevils destroying a cotton crop

A stomach flu outbreak in New York City

A drought in West Texas that dries up ponds, lakes, and streams

Question 2

Which of the following scenarios would exemplify a density-dependent population regulation factor?

European starlings using nesting sites that would otherwise be used by woodpeckers

A flood inundating the nests of burrowing animals

A Florida orange crop ruined by freezing weather

Dinosaurs going extinct after an asteroid strike

Question 3

An age structure diagram that resembles an upside-down pyramid would indicate:

slow growth.

negative growth.

rapid growth.

stabilized growth.

Question 4

How many years did it take for the world's population to go from one billion to 4 billion?





Question 5

Which is TRUE of K-selected species?

They produce many offspring.

They tend to be small organisms.

They provide long-term care for young.

They mature early.

Question 6

Match the term to the answer.

Population size

Population density


Mark and recapture


Mortality rate


Interspecfic competition

Age structure

Intraspecific competition


The potential reproductive capacity of an individual within a population


Members of the same population of organisms contending for resources


The probability of individuals dying before their next birthday


The statistical study of population changes over time


A sampling method used to determine population size and density of slow moving or stationary organisms


The number of individuals within a specific area


The proportion of individuals of a population at specific age ranges


The total number of individuals of a species worldwide


Used to determine population size of mobile organisms


A description of how an organism maintains and reproduces itself from its birth until its death


Species contending for resources in a shared habitat

UNIT 2 Assignment

  • In this unit, you learned that the characteristics of a population at a given time can be represented graphically using birth and death rate data, among many other parameters. In Part I of this activity, you will work with a simple data set to create a human survivorship curve and answer questions about the results and the data itself. In Part II, you will work with interactive age structure diagrams in an online simulator to analyze population growth trends for both China and the United States. For an example of an age structure diagram, see the presentations for the Unit II Lesson.

This assignment consists of both a Word document and Excel file. Both files must be uploaded to Blackboard for full credit.

Click here to access the assignment worksheet. Complete the worksheet, and submit it in Blackboard.

Click here to access the assignment Excel template. Complete the table, and submit it in Blackboard.

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