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BIO160Intro to Human Anatomy and PhysiologyLesson 9 QuizEach question is 3 point

BIO160Intro to Human Anatomy and PhysiologyLesson 9 QuizEach question is 3 points each for a total of 75 points.As you work through the assessment you may save your work frequently by selectingthe SAVE button. Please make sure you have answered all questions prior tosubmitting. Once submitted, you will not be able to return to this section.1. What is the function of the nervous system?Conversion of oxygen to oxyhemoglobinStorage of sodium and potassiumProduction of enzymes for neural impulsesMonitoring of changes in the bodyGeneration of energy for the rest of the body2. The peripheral nervous system is made up of which of the following?Spinal nerves onlyThe brain onlyCranial nerves onlyThe brain and spinal cordThe spinal and cranial nerves3. What are Schwann cells?Neuroglia that form a myelin sheath around nerves in the peripheral systemNeurons that conduct sensory impulses to the central nervous systemNeuroglia in the central nervous system that remove debrisNeurons that send impulses between the central and peripheral systemsNeuroglia that account for nearly half of the neural tissue in the brain4. What are the neuron processes that normally carry impulses away from the cellbody?axonsdendritesneurilemmasoligodendritessatellite cells5. What is the classification of a neuron when the cell body is located in the CNS andthe primary function is connecting other neurons?Efferent neuronAfferent neuronAssociation neuronGlial neuronSatellite neuron6. Which of the following describes the ability to respond to a stimulus?PolarizationDepolarizationConductivityIrritabilityMyelination7. What type of reflex regulates the activity of smooth muscles?SomaticFlexorCerebralSynapticAutonomic8. What structures are located in the diencephalon?Thalamus, hypothalamus, and epithalamusThalamus, pons, and midbrainPons, midbrain, and medulla oblongataHypothalamus, pituitary gland, and medulla oblongataCerebellum, pons, and thalamus9. What lobe of the brain contains the primary somatic sensory area that receives andinterprets impulses from the body’s general sensory receptors?OccipitalParietalTemporalFrontalDiencephalon10. What structure represents a two-way conduction path to the brain and is a majorreflex center?Brain stemPonsThalamusCerebellumSpinal cord11. Which of the following is a correct description of the autonomic nervous system?It is the sensory subdivision of the PNS that feels anger.It has centers in the brain and the spinal cord.It is the motor subdivision of the PNS that controls smooth muscles and glands.It is the efferent system that controls skeletal muscles in time of danger.It has both afferent and efferent fibers.12. Which of the following describes the activity of the sympathetic nervous system?It mobilizes when the body experiences extreme situations.It decreases sweat gland activity.It normalizes digestive activity.It conserves energy.It decreases demands on the cardiovascular system.13. Which of the following describes spina bifida?Brain tissue death due to a ruptured blood vesselTemporary lack of oxygen during birthProtruding spinal cord resulting in a lack of motor function below that areaCerebrospinal fluid retention which causes pressure on the brainDestruction of myelin sheaths around nerve fibers14. Which of the following describes the optic lens?It is the first structure that light hits entering the eye and it reflects light to the retina.It is a photoreceptor that sends impulses to the brain through the optic nerve.It is the opening surrounded by the iris through which light enters the eyeball.It divides the eye into two chambers and focuses light on the retina.It constricts when light enters the eye and regulates the amount of light focused on theretina.15. What is the function of the ossicles?They collect sound waves and send them to the tympanic membrane.They equalize the pressure between the outside and the middle ear.They transfer vibrations to the fluids of the inner ear.They form the semicircular canals.They sense movement of the endolymph and send that impulse to the vestibular nerve.16. The hair cells that function as hearing receptors are located in which of thefollowing?Auditory tubeSpiral organ of CortiOval windowAuricleOssicles17. What is glaucoma?Decreased lens elasticityUnequal pull of the external eye musclesIncreased pressure in the eyeHardening of the lensAbnormal surface of the cornea18. What are the chemical messengers of the human body called?EffectorsTarget cellsHormonesNeuronsStimuli19. What is a cell called when it presents a protein on its membrane that is specific fora hormone?Depolarized cellTarget cellHaploid cellEffector cellSecond messenger cell20. Which of the following is the chief means of regulating blood levels of hormones?Collateral feedbackCerebral feedbackSynaptic feedbackNegative feedbackPositive feedback21. What endocrine gland is controlled by hormones produced in the hypothalamus?ThalamusAnterior pituitaryPosterior pituitaryParathyroidAdrenal gland22. Which of the following hormones exerts its primary effects on the reproductiveorgans?Follicle stimulating hormoneAdrenocorticotropic hormoneProlactinThyroid stimulating hormoneGrowth hormone23. What hormone is produced in response to low blood sugar levels?ProlactinInsulinMelatoninGlucagonGrowth hormone24. What organ produces human chorionic gonadotropin?OvaryTestisPlacentaAnterior pituitaryAdrenal gland25. What homeostatic disorder is associated with the hyposecretion of antidiuretichormone?Diabetes insipidusCretinismGrave’s diseaseAddison’s diseaseCushing’s syndrome

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