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Bose Corporation Customer Support Assignment

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The Bose Corporation, makers of high-end speakers, headphones, etc., has noted a decrease in the customer satisfaction levels with their customer support system, primarily their telephone support (1-800-379-2073). The primary issue appears to be perceived wait time; how long people feel they have been on-hold (in a queue), waiting for service. As customer satisfaction is very important to Bose, they are interested in improving it at this point of customer contact (the call center). They are looking to improve this measure (without the major investment of expanding the call center and the number of people answering telephones). What, if anything can be done to mitigate this problem?


A minimum of eight sources will be researched and described. (Note: while the use of press releases and news media summaries is permitted, they will not count toward the required sources.)

For each source, you will need to demonstrate the relevance of the material to the decision to be made. That is, you should determine how “credible”— think pyramid of evidence — the source is as it relates to the problem. If the source reports on primary research (e.g., an empirical study), then you will need to describe/summarize that research and provide an assessment of its results – including an evaluation of the conclusions. For all secondary sources, you should identify any sources of “bias” and report on how the bias may affect the conclusions.

I will evaluate each source (and your description of it) individually as to its relevance to the decision to be made (and your formulation of the decision to be made). That is, it will be evaluated as to what information it provides that will enable an informed decision to be made.

I will evaluate the collective body of sources to the extent that they, as a group, are likely to provide the necessary information to make an informed decision.


Reports for both MBA programs and employers must be error free. They must be written using complete sentences, appropriate paragraph structure, and include properly spelled words.

The paper must be written in a professional style: third person (no “I” or “we”) and reflect an unbiased perspective. The document must have a logical flow. In this case, the sources should be presented in an order that builds an argument. The conclusion should “connect the dots.”

The sources shall be properly referenced using APA format (see: public folders/Providence Campus/The Graduate School/APA Basic Manual for a brief description of the required citation format).

The fellow document is the example of the part 1 paper.

Thank you!

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