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Compareand Contrast Costing Systems

Thisweek’s readings explore the different types of costing systemsavailable to businesses. In a 4-5 page paper, not including the coverand reference pages, compare and contrast the different costingsystems, identifying the advantages and disadvantages of each. Then,explain the system that either your organization, or anotherorganization in the Middle East utilizes and why. Is this particularsystem aligned with the principles of sustainability in any way? How?If not, why not?

Module06: Critical Thinking

TotalValue and Sustainable Products

Whena business is not focused on sustainability, value may be solelydetermined outside its customers’ interest in green behavior.

Supposea restaurant makes a great-tasting hamburger. Very few of itscustomers might care whether or not the restaurant engages in greenbusiness practices.

However,what if there are two restaurants that make equally great-tastingburgers, but one is green while the other is not? Many customers maychoose the green business, because the business adds value to itsofferings by engaging in sustainable practices.

Inthe case of sustainable products, meaning those products made with aneffort to be environmentally and socially responsible, sustainabilityplays a large role in the customers’ decisions to buy, and tends tobe central to the company’s brand.

Identifya Saudi business that may not yet be focused on sustainability.Suppose this company decides it would like to deliver products thatare more socially, environmentally, and economically superior.

Ina 4-5 page paper, not including the cover and reference pages,present the company with the total value proposition from asustainability perspective. In that total value proposition, includea discussion of use values and nonuse values for the business’green products. How should the business determine WTP, WTA, orconsumer surplus?

Yourrequired readings this week provide insight which will aid you inyour analysis. Make sure to cite and reference any informationgleaned from those documents. Additionally, include two current andscholarly sources beyond the course materials and readings to supportyour analysis. Current sources are those published in the most recentfive years. Scholarly sources come from peer’s reviewed journals.

Module10: Critical Thinking

OrganizationalLearning and Change

ThePlan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA) model is simple but valuable in promotingorganizational learning and continuous improvement.

Ina 4-5 page paper, not including the cover and reference pages,provide one example of the PDCA in use or should be used in yourorganization. If you currently do not belong to acompany/organization, or your organization has never used PDCA,select a company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and answer thisquestion based on that organization. Explain the situation in whichPDCA is used, explain the four phases, and then apply the four phasesspecifically to this situation. Provide enough information aboutmeasuring performance so that management review will result in acourse of action that you recommend.

UseSaudi Electronic University academic writing standards and APA styleguidelines, citing references as appropriate.

UseSaudi Electronic University academic writing standards and APA styleguidelines, citing references as appropriate.

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