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cultural shock is my topic

Question Description

  • list the topic and as many different ways you might focus the topic further as you can; which interests you the most?
  • search for 3 reliable, in-depth news sources (1 of these can be recycled from the last assignment; 2 should be new)
  • list key words you used in your search
  • list author, title, publication and URL (or database where you found it) for each source
  • below each source, give a summary of what you learned about your topic from the source (this should be 3-4 sentences long–and should include actual facts, statistics, ideas)
  • list 2 questions you might ask about your topic (these should be questions you genuinely don't know the answer to, questions that will have answers open to interpretation, not just factual, questions that you can begin to answer through research)

for this have to do ESPN and PBS

  1. type of source (magazine, newspaper, online newspaper, TV, radio, etc.)
  2. visually inspect source to assess depth of coverage—is there analysis, evidence, enough length to get into some detail
  3. who are the authors—experts? journalists? reputation? etc.
  4. who is the intended audience and purpose
  5. research factuality and possible bias of source using MediaBias/ (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
    • record factuality rating
    • if source has a liberal or conservative or other bias, do you think that bias affects this article? note that this does not disqualify a source–it changes the way you read and use it
    • is source a "stink tank"–do not use these sources (will have poor factuality rating)
  6. consider other factors—
    • reputation and awards
    • staff reporters on location?
    • journalists’ pay
    • not a “wire service” (provide content for multiple publications)
    • anything else researchers should be aware of (such as publishing "click bait")

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