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Overview:In order to learn about organizational leadership, one must becomefamiliar with the philosophies and theories that serve as thefoundation for this subject. In this unit you will acquire knowledgethat will serve as a theoretical basis as you progress through additional modules.As you read throughout the semester, Leadership is very different from Management. Leadership is more than legitimate power andthe ability to tell others what to do. It’s about self-understanding and assessment. It’s about relationships. It’s about vision. Leaders doprovide day-to-day direction just as supervisors and managers would, but the direction is taken to a level encompassing more than justday-to-day. It encompasses long term vision and overall health of the organization.

Part OneDiscussion Questions:Using the Discussion Question template below, answer the following questions:

1. Optimism is an important trait for a leader, yet some employees complain that optimistic leaders create significantstress because they don’t anticipate problems and expect their subordinates to meet unreasonable goals. Do youagree? Why or why not? Support your answer.

2. Watch this TED Talk on the Power of Introverts:…What is one way you can and will tap into your own introversion? What is one way you can and will supportsomeone in your life who is introverted? Explain both.

3. There is a Situational Leadership Exercise located below. Utilizing the Situational LeadershipGrid (located below), complete each case. This can be done directly in the word document provided (you donot have to add this question 1 and 2 in the discussion question template).

When both documents are completed, drop box your files into the Module 1 Discussion Question folder.

Insight: This is a senior level course so I expect senior level work. One and two sentence answers will not cut it for a gradeof B or above. Support your answers thoroughly. I expect thoughtful and reflective answers utilizing examples and supportfor your reasons why or why not. Feel free to use your own work experiences any time. This shows me you have a goodgrasp of the material.Always use the Discussion Question Template for all discussion questions unless other wiseinstructed.

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