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april Weber

RE: Discussion – Week 10- Initial Post


Initial Post-

It does not surprise me that the nurse in the situation was reprimanded for staying and giving extra time and attention to this patient. It lines up with what I believe is the right thing to do, as I believe in giving that extra special care to those that need it- and that situation needed it. I have been in that situation many times, however I was lucky that my manager saw that it was the right thing. I understand that from a business view – it is not spending resource time as wisely as they think it should be. Marquis and Huston (2017), describe Emotional Intelligence (EI) as the ability to perceive, understand and well as controlling your own emotions as well as others around you. When thinking from a business point of view, many leave out the personal, to which EI mostly falls.

Recently within our organization, a long time Educator was fired. It was announced and employees were told in a huddle- and then told to go on with their day and not to speak about it. When the employees heard a lot where hurt and sad. Not discussing it or addressing their feelings caused problems. I approached the manager of that area to discuss the situation – and see if we could arrange a discussion, the manager indicated that I was blowing it out of proportion and people were not that upset about it. I thought how can he not tell the mood in the department? How did he miss the red eyes on some employees from them crying? Not recognizing this was something that showed me that he was not using EI. I think that given the situation was under my control, I would have announced it in a better forum, and I would have allowed them to voice their frustrations and sadness as long as it remained professional. I know that he could not express the reasons for letting her go but giving the employees a sense that their feelings are important was what was missed. Szczygiel and Mikolajczak (2018), speak to the fact that employees that feel they are not respected or have no voice lead to non-satisfaction within the work place.

When looking at my own EI, I feel that I have a great base and am aware of most aspects of EI. However, when I looked thru some of the literature and saw some common knowledge of facial expressions, I have to say I was not familiar with some. I know that I am not perfect on reading people, but I try very hard. I think that everyone can use some practice and time of trying to concentrate on it – we tend to get so busy that we over look cues that people are giving off. Within a Managers daily job – it can be filled with so many different responsibilities and so much chaos- that I can see them being so focused on tasks that they don’t see things that are right in front of their faces. They must be careful as then they are viewed in a negative way by employees at times. If employees have negative feelings surrounding their work environment, lack of EI can lead to issues with job performance and nurse’s will start to search for other areas to work (Trivella, Gerogiannis & Svarna, 2013). This is something that leads to nurse turnover and many are surprised that EI can have such an impact. People tend not to think about how impactful EI is, but thinking about it- when you meet someone or deal with someone and instantly say “ wow, that person has no people skills”- many don’t think of EI being a part of it- but it is a huge part.


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Just need a response to this dicussion post written. APA format , 2 references, nursing, emotional intelligence. THan k you

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