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ENGL110 WK4 APUS Legal Drinking Age Position Paper

Question Description

Forum Objective: Create an outline for your Week 5 Position paper and discuss the ethos, logos and pathos of your Position paper in the conclusion paragraph.

In week 5, you will be submitting a position paper. This week, create and post your outline, concept map, or other visual representation for that essay for your initial post. Choose a debatable topic from your field of study for your Week 5 Position Paper. If you have not yet decided on a major, you can find debatable topics at any debate website. Just google 'debate websites' to find a suitable debate website from which to choose a topic for your Position Paper. If you find a topic from your field of study, you can learn more about the hot debates from your field of study. Your topic must be a topic on which the reader can agree or disagree. If you want to know which citation style to use with your major, consult The APUS Library Style Guide for Majors.

Go to the Week 4 Overview to learn more about the 5 paragraph essay structure.

*** Since you are all majoring in different fields of study, some of you may be using APA, some of you may be using Chicago Turabian or some of you may be using MLA for your citations, please tell me in your post which notation style you are using.***

Initial Post instructions:

Include your THESIS STATEMENT, TOPIC SENTENCES, and SUPPORT for each topic sentence. Note that in the assignment description for this essay, Take a stand on an issue in your field of study. Include two (2) resources that you plan to use and WHY you plan to use them. Take a look at this 5 paragraph essay Persuasive essay flowchart.

Make sure each paragraph has 5 to 7 sentences. Your introduction paragraph should include a hook (first sentence to grab the reader's attention); then 5 to 7 supporting sentences to tell why the thesis is important. Then your thesis is the last sentence of the first paragraph. Watch this Introduction and Conclusion paragraph video to learn how to write your Introduction and conclusion paragraphs.

Example debatable thesis: Global Warming is real because Reason1, Reason 2 and Reason 3.

Paragraph 2: Reason 1

Paragraph 3: Reason 2

Paragraph 4: Reason 3

Paragraph 5: Conclusion

Example thesis: Smoking causes lung cancer, throat cancer and stomach cancer.

Para 2: Smoking causes lung cancer.

Para 3: Smoking causes throat cancer.

Para 4: Smoking causes stomach cancer.

Para 5: Conclusion

For student replies: When responding to your peers’ outlines, consider their argument. What questions do you have after seeing their outline? Pose questions to help your peers strengthen their position. Consider this a brief introduction to the peer review process as you consider the effectiveness of the support that your peers are using. Did your classmates use ethos, pathos and logos in their essay? Did your classmates have a strong thesis statement? Do the other student essays have one central idea with strong supporting sentences?

Forum Guidance:

Make your initial posts to the Forum by 11:55pm ET, Thursday.

During the week, read the messages posted by your instructor and classmates and join the discussion. Your instructor may ask questions, provide explanations, and include links to other resources.

Please respond to at least 2 classmates, and in your response posts, try to bring together pieces of the discussion and take those ideas further.

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