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Find and Annotate a Model Podcast

Question Description

choose ONE podcast to listen to and annotate. NOTE: The podcast you review and annotate must be at least 30 minutes long.

It's just a small daily homework of a writing course. The teacher would not grade it. So just write something to meet the minimum requirment is fine and I can get point

The topic is culture and beauty– different cultures value different things in terms of appearance–if you have people from different cultures in your group, you could talk about those differences


•10 timestamp summary annotations that cover both content and conventions

•A summary paragraph (6-8 sentences) with content as described above.

Th process that the professor provide

•When you listen, focus on BOTH—-


▪Important ideas (main ideas and subtopics)

▪Evidence and development used in order to get the point across–Interesting stories, statistics, or quotes.


▪How is the podcast put together? How is it organized? How does it move from one segment to the next–are there transitions?

▪How does it start? Is there intro music? Does someone introduce the topic? How long is that intro? How are the speakers introduced?

▪How do the speakers interact–how long does each speaker talk? Do they build on what the others say, do they disagree, how often does the host interject?

▪Do they address the audience? Are there questions taken from the audience?

▪How does it end? How do they make the conversation come to a satisfying conclusion? Are there credits? Music?

2. Make at least TEN (10) timestamp/summary annotations for each podcast you review.

3. Take notes as you listen;

Here is a formula to follow for your annotations:

•Identify the timestamp of what you’re making notes about.

•Summarize what is being discussed at that time stamp, and include a quotation somewhere in your summary.

•Cover both Content and Conventions (see #4 above); Of your 10 annotations, make sure that some have to do with the content and some have to do with the conventions of the podcast.

It’s best to type the notes into a file (Word, Pages, Googledoc, etc) because then you will be able to just copy/paste them into your post.

4. After the 10 timestamp/summary annotations, write a paragraph (6-8 sentences) that:

•Describes the podcast (give all the details: date, title and speakers);

•Summarizes the most important ideas discussed;

•Summarizes some of the conventions of the podcast that you think your group might

•want to follow;

•Make suggestions to your group members–

◦are there topics discussed that you think should be included in your group's project?

◦which elements in this podcast should your group use as models for your own project?

◦Is the podcast so good in terms of how it discusses your group's topic that they should take time to listen to it too as part of their own research for the project?

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