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Frame of Reference

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Take Assessment 9.3 (Your Leadership Frame of Reference) in the textbook. Tally your scores and report your scores in your initial post. Also in your initial post, analyze what the scores of the assessment reveal about your Frame of Reference. Do you think the assessment is accurate? Why or why not? Would you want to change your approach? Why or why not? What are you going to do to improve or change your frame of reference as you are more involved in leadership?

Assessment 9.1: Your Personal VisionInstructionsHow much do you think about the positive outcomes you want in your future? Do you have apersonal vision for your life? Indicate whether each of the following items is mostly false ormostly true for you.Mostly True Mostly False1. I can describe a compelling image of my future. _____________ _____________2. Life to me seems more exciting than routine. _____________ _____________3. I have created very clear life goals and aims. _____________ _____________4. I feel that my personal existence is verymeaningful. _____________ _____________5. In my life, I see a reason for being here. _____________ _____________6. I have discovered a satisfying calling in life. _____________ _____________7. I feel that I have a unique life purpose to fulfill. _____________ _____________8. I will know when I have achieved my purpose. _____________ _____________9. I talk to people about my personal vision. _____________ _____________10. I know how to harness my creativity and usemy talents. _____________ _____________Scoring and InterpretationAdd the number of mostly true answers for your score. A score of 7 or above indicates thatyou are in great shape with respect to a personal vision. A score of 3 or below suggests thatyou have not given much thought to a vision for your life. A score of 4–6 is about average.Creating a personal vision is difficult work for most people. It doesn’t happen easily ornaturally. A personal vision is just like an organizational vision in that it requires focusedthought and effort. Spend some time thinking about a vision for yourself and write it down

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