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Implications of Joint Commission Compliance

Question Description

  1. Is being Joint Commission compliant enough to be able to prepare, respond and recover from a disaster? Explain your answer.
  2. Review the JC Lessons Learned. What lesson learned resonated with you? Why?

I want no more than 350 words with APA style refrences and you can take from the same refrences of my classmats posts.

post one

Implications of Joint Commission Compliance

In the United States of America alone, disasters both natural and human-made cause almost 500 deaths annually. The hurricanes, wildfires, chemical hazards, and explosions are some of the examples of disasters experienced in the United States of America, continuously. The primary role of the Joint Commission is to set accreditation standards that ought to be observed by various health providing organizations to ensure that they can prepare, respond and recover from emergencies (Spath, 2007).

From a personal perspective, I would comfortably state that being Joint Commission compliant is enough to enable an organization or health entity to prepare to respond and recover from disasters. For instance, it is evident that most health facilities in the US had a well-defined and developed disaster management plans that prioritize patient care, but limited focus rendered on handling IT issues that might be faced (Spath, 2007). In such an instance, is Joint Commission accredited becomes hard since the Joint Commission approaches emergency management from a broader view and not only focusing on patients care. The Joint Commission offers principals that have to be observed to ensure even the information system of the organization can manage emergencies, which to me is a plus in their plans, as it takes a broad approach to disaster management (Spath, 2007).

Review of Joint Commission lessons

Joint Commission has outlined some of the lessons learned from previous emergency management programs like Ebola outbreak, Hurricane Sandy, Flooding in South Carolina and the terrorist event in San Bernardino.

Persons suffering from chronic conditions have to be catered for and especially ones under home care but in most civil unrest cases them receiving healthcare is overlooked. Plans to enable homecare providers to reach these persons have to be observed to ensure that these people get to enjoy their right to quality healthcare regardless of the conditions around them (Gordon, 2015).

On communication, it is essential to ensure redundant methods of communication are prioritized as they certainly ensure information reaches everyone in the team. Prioritizing on smartphone applications like WhatsApp and social media might affects the smooth running of the emergency operations since some members of the team might miss the information due to the limited use of social media. Chargers and extra batteries are also essential in response and recovery to ensure that communication is maintained throughout the procedures, as communication in such instances is critical for the supply chain and response coordination.]

Meetings with local communities in civil unrest emergencies are also essential in dispelling rumors and myths. Non-dispelled myths and rumors might trigger further unrests that might be hard to contain and psychologically affects the populations as they might continue living in fear inflicted by the rumors and myths.

On utilities, it is essential to ensure that the affected population is supplied with clean water for consumption since the disasters might destroy the water supply. Freshwater supply by either water tanks fitted on lorries or any other appropriate manner ensures that the population affected stays healthy and as a measure limits the spread of water-related communicable diseases (Haddow, Bullock,& Coppola, 2017).

The use of personal protective equipment’s is essential for the emergency response team to ensure that they6 are protected from contracting infectious diseases. For proper use of PPE’s, it is crucial that the team gets trained since improper utilization of the equipments still risks the emergency team contracting infectious diseases.


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post two

The Importance of TJC and Lessons Learned


Is being Joint Commission compliant enough to be able to prepare, respond and recover from a disaster? Explain your answer.

I believe that Joint Commission compliance is adequate to prepare, respond and recover from disasters effectively. Firstly, most people are unaware of the risks and measures to mitigate or recover in the case of occurrence. Therefore, the Joint commission procedures and directive serve as a start point for disaster literacy.Secondly, the Joint Commission preparedness involves the entire community and its resources. Disaster planning is essential for a range of potential disasters from terrorism to disease and accidents (The Joint Commission, 2003). Therefore, the multi-dimensional analysis of their research and preparedness project are in sense comprehensive, if people become complainant to the commission’s instructions and directives they will be well-prepared to prepare, respond and recover from disasters. Third, disasters raise legal issues which demand regulatory compliance (Reilly & Markenson, 2011). The Joint commission spells out legal issues like patient privacy, workers' protection, volunteer and care delivery standards in disasters. By complying with the commission's standards, the response teams will be adequately prepared to counter disaster emergencies according to the legal and regulatory standards.

Review the JC Lessons Learned. What lesson learned resonated with you? Why?

The lesson that a response team should comprise of community and the organizational participant was useful. Communities are the first responders in disasters (Van Krieken, Kulatunga, & Pathirage, 2017), they work with the response teams to deliver insightful information to inspire preparedness and response actions. For example, community policing may help catch terrorist suspect mitigating against potential attacks. Another useful lesson learned was that provision of adequate community resources would encourage overseeing and full participation in disaster projects (Solo, Godinot, & Velasco, n.d). Providing technical skills, information, disaster supplies, and funding will increase the motivation for participation. For example, providing adequate funds will enable the community to plan for proper housing to mitigate the loss in the event of floods.


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