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Information Systems Strategy Impacts on Work

Question Description

Please read the belowdiscussion topic and provide value discussion with citation & reference.Please write at-lease 500 words with APA format. I have also attached chapter 4for reference.

Discussion Question:

The Internet is an extremely important new technology, and it is no surprise that it has received so much attention from entrepreneurs, executives, investors, and business observers. Caught up in the general fervor, many have assumed that the Internet changes everything, rendering all the old rules about companies and competition obsolete. That may be a natural reaction, but it is a dangerous one. It has led many companies, dot-coms and incumbents alike, to make bad decisions—decisions that have eroded the attractiveness of their industries and undermined their own competitive advantages. Some companies, for example, have used Internet technology to shift the basis of competition away from quality, features, and service and toward price, making it harder for anyone in their industries to turn a profit. Others have forfeited important proprietary advantages by rushing into misguided partnerships and outsourcing relationships. Until recently, the negative effects of these actions have been obscured by distorted signals from the marketplace. Now, however, the consequences are becoming evident.

  • How will the Internet, intranets, and extranets change how companies do global IT management
  • How might cultural, political, or geoeconomic challenges affect a global company’s use of the Internet? Give several examples. (Support your statements with APA formatted citations)

You must do the following:

1)Create a new thread. As indicated above, identify which of the three viewsdiscussed in the chapter that would provide the best quality assessment for thesituation described above, and explain your decision. How would you ensure thehighest level of accuracy with your simulation, and how would you go about determiningaccuracy?

2)Select AT LEAST 3 other students' threads and post substantive comments onthose threads. Your comments should extend the conversation started with thethread.

ALLoriginal posts and comments must be substantive. (I'm looking for about aparagraph – not just "I agree.")

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