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  • Name 3 examples of the systems protected by IT security Analysts, including 2 ERP systems.
  • What are organization's overall IT security objectives?
  • Name 2 other titles that an IT Security Analyst is known as
  • What type of systems do organizations perform IT Security on?
  • Name 3 of the IT security projects worked on by IT security professionals.
  • Name the tasks included in the A&A project
  • What’s the current name for System Certification & Accreditation (C&A)?
  • Name the IT Security professional who performs day-to-day support and maintenance of the IT Security program of the organization, including IT security policies and procedures development and update
  • What is FISMA requirement with respect to A&A package preparation?
  • What federal department does NIST belong and what is its purpose?
  • What is the meaning of FIPS prepared by NIST, and are they detailed or summary equivalents of SP?
  • What is the assessment activity of the A&A project known as, which was formerly known as the Security Test and Evaluation (ST&E)?
  • What is the end result or document from the A&A process?
  • Under what condition is penetration test performed as part of the A&A project?
  • Name the IT security professional who performs incident response/management
  • Name 2 commercial or international equivalents of the federal NIST SP 800-53 security control framework/guide.
  • What federal department releases the annual FISMA metrics/questions?
  • What is the frequency of the FISMA score card data provided to OMB by each federal agency’s OCIO?
  • How many FISMA questions are contained in the current fiscal year FISMA OCIO template, and what is question 4 about?
  • What system collates the reports and prepares quarterly OMB FISMA compliance scorecards on all federal agencies?.
  • What is CIA
  • Name the three types of controls and their uses
  • Give 3 examples of each control types
  • What are the 3 Goals controls are classified by.
  • Give 2 or 3 ways used to prevent/Maintain CIA.
  • Give me 4 controls that you know and their requirements.
  • Name two types of encryptions.
  • What is the difference between encryption and Hashing.

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