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Leadership Characteristics and Qualities

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I am looking for assistance with the following assignment that could be in regards to any person in leadership i.e. Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, etc.

Complete a search of articles about leadership characteristics and qualities. Based on what you find and the readings for this module, write a 2-3 page paper about what you think is most important in motivating and leading followers.

  • When you think of leaders who comes to mind? George Washington, Martin Luther King, Jr. or maybe Hillary Clinton. All of these people were able to rally people who believed in them. All three of them had different leadership styles and idealisms. They were passionate about a cause or need for the people.Up to this point, we have defined supervision as the need to plan, organize, staff, control, analyze and make decisions managing employees to achieve the goals/objectives of an organization. When systems are in place, including the right people in the right jobs, managed by supervisors with the ability to make the right decisions, supervisors are empowered to accomplish the goals of an organization, but there is a difference between a supervisor and a leader. Or is there?The fact is that leadership is the ability to motivate and influence others. In organizations, it is the leaders who make things happen and make the difference between success and failure. There are many theories which try to identify certain genetic or personality characteristics to justify the idea that leaders are born. There are other theories which identify leadership as a development process in which a leader is "made". If there was a template to create the "perfect" leader, it would be highly sought after by organizations.So how do leaders motivate their employees to do their jobs? Some theories argue the psychological benefits of getting employees on board, but we won't need a psychology degree to figure it out. Understanding human behaviors makes supervisors more effective. Terms such as emotional intelligence and self-esteem or theories, such as Machiavellianism and Maslow's hierarchy-of -needs offer insight into human behavior. Our readings and discussions in this module will give us some additional clues about motivating and leading employees.

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