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MAN4143 CBE Contemporary Leadership Challenges

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Leadership is either formal or informal, and it is important to discover which one is a better fit for you as you grow in your career. Your company leaders are asking you to identify a specific leadership role that you would someday like to fill (e.g., Supervisor, Manager, Vice President, Individual Contributor, etc.). Once you have determined the type of leader you would like to become, create an action plan for your career to achieve such a position.

  • In order to successfully determine the type of leader you want to become, answer the following questions in one to two pages:
    • Would you describe yourself as a formal or informal leader (and explain traits you possess that would make you a successful formal or informal leader)?
    • What are some skills you should develop and tactics you should use to be an effective leader?
  • Create a one-page action plan that addresses the following questions:
    • Who will you work with as a mentor (just identify the position of a potential mentor) to help you grow into this leadership position and why?
    • What steps will you take to become the type of leader you want to be in your career and how will you achieve your action plan?

    APA format and cite all sources – Please follow the rubric attached as well. Below is the big 5 personality traits to help. ALSO – See the Major Types of Leadership Behaviors for assistance as well.

Look at the table below to learn about The Big Five Personality Traits.

Surgency Extroversion (outgoing), energy/activity level, and a need for power.
Conscientiousness Dependability, personal integrity, and a need for achievement.
Agreeableness Cheerful and optimistic, nurturance (sympathetic, helpful), and a need for affiliation.
Adjustment Emotional stability, self-esteem, and self-control.
Intellectance Curious and inquisitive, open-minded, and learning-oriented.

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