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Need someone to check my writing and make sure the answers are correct

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Q- Protons, neutrons, and electrons… Oh My! Chemistry seems to trouble the nonscience major. Bottom line, it is all about relationships! Choose a major concept in the notes, define it, and then give an example of how it is applied in real life.Use the notes as well as other sources such as the internet to help support your viewpoint.

My answer- I choose to discuss atoms because it’s the essential and fundamental substance that is inevitable and cannot be duplicated nor destroyed. Atoms is defined as the basic component of matter. Indeed, every liquid, solid, and gas incorporate atoms as its circulation. Next, the essential substance has three basic particles that functions within it: proton (positive charge), electron (negative charge) and the nucleus (neutral charge) which each creates matter. Atoms is the face of all the matter that exist like hydrogen, gold, aluminum, water, nitrogen, oxygen, potassium, chloride, sulfur, and many more. Correspondingly, atoms are everywhere in the world including every substance you come in contact. Moreover, atoms are a necessity, for we need it to breathe air, to form water, to fabricate photosynthesis so that plants can get sunlight, to created materials, substances, and minerals for daily living along with others. Look in the periodic table and name an atom that you use every day. An example I use lead because I use pencils every day to write things.

Q- Come up with your own definition of communication. How does it differ from the definition in the book? Why did you choose to define communication the way you did?

Book definition- define communication as the process of generating meaning by sending and receiving verbal and nonverbal symbols and signs that are influenced by multiple contexts.

My Answer- Communication is an inevitable benefactor for all living things to communicate in order to sustain in life. Meaning, without communication the world is doomed. Indeed, its benefactor comes in varieties such as- verbal, nonverbal, gestures, sign language, movement, touching things, thoughts, and along with others. This definition is different from the book because it goes more in depth into it. I choose my definition because I continue witnessing how interactions can be complex and diversified.

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