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paragraph/sentence questions homworkLimit: No more than 500 words TOTAL.Backgrou

paragraph/sentence questions homworkLimit: No more than 500 words TOTAL.Background on completeness of answers: Each of the following questions asks you to interpret informationand justify your answers with the anatomy/physiology knowledge you have been developing. In answering thefollowing questions, be sure to answer what is being asked. Full points will be awarded for answers with highprecision (as is applicable to our course) and justification for answers. When justifying answers, make theconnection between the anatomy and the observed physiology. DO NOT assume other issues unless they areexplicitly stated.Citations: You must include your sources for this take home portion. I want to know what sources you areusing. You do not need to include in text citations, but a list at the end of each question. You may include yourlecture notes as a source. For published, non-website citations, please include author, year, title & publisher;url acceptable for websites. Do not give urls for journal articles. If no sources were used, write the word“none.”You must answer all questions.Question 1 (10 pts): 1.2. 3. 4.5. The left image a single post synaptic neuron and 4 presynaptic neurons (numbered 1-4). The trace onthe right shows the membrane potential for the post synaptic neuron over a time period.(2 pts) Where on the post synaptic neuron would this trace be observed? [Indicate on the drawingabove)(2 pts) For the time between A and B, which presynaptic neuron/neurons would have been firing?Explain your reasoning including ions crossing the membrane, the term threshold and one other factoryou consider important.(2 pts) Assuming the neuron/neurons you stated above (in q 2) were still active at the same level, howcould you explain the change in the trace that occurs after B? Again, explain your reasoning includingions crossing the membrane and the term threshold.(4 pts) Create a graph that depicts the effect of increasing Ca2+ influx into presynaptic neuron #1 on APfrequency of the post synaptic neuron shown. For full credit you must label your axes.(loss of 1 pt for not included) What sources did you use to answer these questions? See above forcitation format (not included in word count). Question 2: paragraph/sentence questions homwork Above are two traces of membrane potential as a function of time for two human nerve cells. One cell is froman infant, the other is from an adult. At the arrow, gated channels for ion X open (they do not close in the timeshown) – ion X is the same ion for both infants and adults. [The fundamental chemistry of ion X does notchange.]1. (8 pts) Given what you know about adult nerve cells, explain the observed traces. In your explanationof these data include:a. Specific cellular processesb. Specific cellular structures involvedc. A likely identity for ion Xd. Why this ion would create the different observed effects on the membrane potential in theinfant and adult. –infant’s neuron is undeveloped2. (2 pts) Given that the fundamental chemistry of ion X does not change over time, nor does anindividual’s genome, how is it that this different response to the same ion can occur in a single personat different life stages? What cellular processes would be responsible for this?3. (loss of 1 pt for not included) What sources did you use to answer these questions? See above forcitation format (not included in word count).

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