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This is a personal essay, I already write the outline, you can read it first, and base on this out line write an essay this is the requirment

Paper #1: Persuading others to embrace your center of the world.

In this paper, you will explain why a particular place is your center of the world and then try to convince your reader why they should add it to their "centers of the world" collection.

In other words, you need to explain BOTH why this place is your center of the world and what special lessons/insights you gained there AND why others should visit this place and what they might learn there. The lesson(s) that others could learn there should be a kind of “breakthrough” lesson, not something they could easily learn elsewhere.

The lessons and insights in the two parts of the paper should be different. You will use both personal anecdotes and examples as well as data from research to support your ideas.

  • The paper should be 5 pages minimum in length, have a clear introductory paragraph, comprehensive thesis statement, 3 main reasons to explain why this particular place is the “center of your world,”1-2 reasons why others should also be able to gain something valuable from your “center of the world,” and a conclusion.
  • Include clear examples from your own experience to support your ideas. Research data may also be included, but the description of how and why this place is considered to be your ‘center of the world’ must come from personal experience.
  • Any outside data should be cited properly using MLA citation style.
  • Type the paper in typical MLA format – see the syllabus and course pack for standard MLA paper format.
  • This paper should NOT read like a tourist information brochure. Instead, it should be a paper that ONLY YOU could write because the place you write about is unique to your own background and experiences.
  • While the topic of the essay is quite personal, it should still be written in a more formal academic essay style.
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