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In Chapter 16 of On the Immortality of the Soul, Augustine writes:

[All material objects such as the human body can only be at one place at a time.]The soul, however, is present at the same time and entire, not only in the entiremass of its body, but also in each of its individual parts. For, it is the entire soulthat feels the pain of a part of the body, yet it does not feel it in the entire body.When, for instance, there is an ache in the foot, the eye looks at it, the mouthspeaks of it, and the hand reaches for it. This, of course, would be impossible, ifwhat of the soul is in these parts did not also experience a sensation in the foot;if the soul were not present, it would be unable to feel what has happenedthere. For, it would be incredible of a messenger to announce a fact, theoccurrence of which he had not experienced. The sensation which occurs doesnot run through the mass of the body by continuation in such fashion as not toremain unnoticed by other parts of the soul which are elsewhere, but the entiresoul feels what is going on in the particular part of the foot and feels it only therewhere it occurs. Hence, the entire soul is present, at one and the same time, inthe single parts, and it experiences sensation as a whole, at one and the sametime, in the single parts.

Clearly state and defend Augustine’s argument (premises and conclusion) in this passage.Because the conclusion is implied and not stated, you should make the conclusion explicit inyour argument analysis.


This argument analysis should be 1 to 1.5 pages long at most. To get credit, you mustuse quotations from the assigned text to explain the positions and argument. Include a pagenumber for each quotation, and provide a list of works cited.

Try to avoid using secondary sources altogether. If you do use secondary sources, usethem only to strengthen your understanding, and even then be careful. Students sometimesunwittingly copy internet sources, which is plagiarism.

Grading Standards

based on the following criteria: Student’s argument analysis…
1. clearly expresses the main point/conclusion of the text,
2. develops an accurate and charitable analysis of the text’s argument including support

for each crucial premise of the argument,
3. uses 2-3 properly cited, relevant quotations from the text,
4. uses standard English, proper formatting, etc. (1-inch margins, 12-point Times New

Roman font, in-text citations, MLA-style works cited entry, etc.)

Use 12-point Times New Roman font, double spacing, 1-inch margins on all sides, and left justification (not full justification). Format the paper according to MLA style guidelines.

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