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Project analysis

Question Description

  1. Analysis

In project analysis, we are to find the solution to the project before any design or coding is done. When the solution is found, part of the design is also done. To find the solution, we must answer the following questions:
1. What are the input data?
2. What are the sources of input data?
3. What are the output data?
4. What are the destinations of output data?
5. How do we convert the input data into output data?

To answer these questions, we break our analysis into the following steps:
a. Identify all outside systems with which this system interfaces.
b. Identify all input data and the source(s) of these input data.
c. Identify all output data and the destinations of these data.
d. Identify the data processing function of this system: this system receives such input from such outside system; then it follows this process to output such data to such outside system.
e. Based on the data processing step, break the system into sub-systems, each dedicated to a single task (specify the task that each subsystem does). These subsystems together show the data processing function that converts the input data into output data.
f. Identify interface data between each subsystem (and which subsystem processes the inputs, which subsystem does the output).
g. Check the solution against the requirements.
h. Identify risks in your solution and possible ways to mitigate those risks
i. Identify possible enhancements (new features) to the system; this is a way to get future work.
j. For this course, you should update to the Project Plan by listing each sub-system in the Design and the Implementation and Test sections (together with specified dates and personnel).

  1. Possible enhancements:

add buttons for heating various popular packages such as popcorn, frozen beef dinner, frozen pork dinner, frozen chicken dinner, frozen fish dinner, frozen vegetables dinner.

  1. Possible risks and risk mitigation:

the system might not function in extreme hot or extreme cold temperature. Possible risk mitigation: wrap the system in a temperature insulation blanket without blocking the air flow.

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