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PS385 Response Maintenance and Generalization

Question Description

Read the following chapter in your Applied Behavior Analysis text:

  • Chapter 28: “Generalization and Maintenance of Behavior Change” (pp. 614–635)

Read the following chapter in your Ethics for Behavior Analysts text:

  • Chapter 10: “The Behavior Analyst as Teacher or Supervisor” (Guideline 5)

Response Maintenance and Generalization-300 words, no title page needed

Scenario: Bill is a BCBA who provides services as an independent contractor for Orange County Public Schools. Bill received a referral from Pine Valley elementary school to provide ABA therapy for a 5th grader, Jake, who displayed significant problems with noncompliance in response to directions from teachers and school staff, as well as physical aggression toward other students. Jake has been suspended three times within the first 6 weeks of school, and all interventions attempted have been ineffective to this point. Jake’s mother reports no significant problems at home and cannot understand why school is such a problem. Jake attends an off-campus after school program at the Boys and Girls Club, where he is in danger of losing his placement due to similar behavioral issues.

Upon completing a functional behavioral assessment, the BCBA determined that noncompliance and physical aggression were both maintained by socially mediated attention from adults. The BCBA developed a behavior intervention plan that consisted of non-contingent attention in which the teacher would spend 2 minutes providing 1:1 attention upon arrival to class, as well as a reinforcement plan in which Jake was rewarded with a token at the end of each class period for the absence of physical aggression. Jake also earned a token when he participated in social-personal training in the classroom where he practiced conflict resolution strategies with his classmates. The tokens earned could be exchanged for a variety of back up reinforcers, including lunch with a preferred teacher. This intervention plan resulted in significant overall progress in his classroom, as he began to comply with directions from the teacher and school staff more consistently and demonstrate appropriate social behavior with his classmates. Jake even earned “Student of the Week” for 2 consecutive weeks. Surprisingly, Jake continued to engage in significant noncompliant behavior and physical aggression at the Boys and Girls Club, where a meeting has been called to discuss possible dismissal from the program.

Answer the following questions based on your readings in the current unit:

  1. What are the requirements for response maintenance, setting/situation generalization, and response generalization? Which of these behavior change considerations appear to be most related to the problem regarding continued behavioral issues at the Boys and Girls Club after school program? Explain the reason for your response.
  2. According to your reading, how could the BCBA have designed his behavior intervention plan to ensure generalization of behavior change across settings? Be sure to include in your response a discussion of at least two of the five major strategies for promoting generalized behavior change.

Assignment- Complete the attached template.

Learning Activity Assignment: Ethics in Behavior Analyst Supervision

The purpose of this Learning Activity is to discuss ethical considerations as they pertain to the role and responsibilities of the Behavior Analyst supervisor. Guideline 5 of the BACB Guidelines for Responsible Conduct for Behavior Analysts covers the responsibilities of the Behavior Analyst as teacher and/or supervisor. In the Learning Activity, you will consider a scenario in which you will evaluate the appropriateness of feedback provided to a BCaBA by her BCBA supervisor.

Submitting Your Assignment

  1. View the Ethics in Behavior Analyst Supervision Case Scenario and complete the Unit 8 Learning Activity Template located in Course Documents.
  2. When completed, submit the Unit 8 Learning Activity Template to the Unit 8 Assignment

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