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Public Health Reform Assignment.Submit a paper (1,250-1,500 words) focusing on p

Public Health Reform Assignment.Submit a paper (1,250-1,500 words) focusing on public health reform. Provide an overview of the current status ofpublic health in the United States.Review a portion of the Affordable Care Act and present the strengths and weaknesses of the plan, as well as makesuggestions for plan improvement.Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student SuccessCenter. An abstract is not required.This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar withthe expectations for successful completion.Grading criteria for public health reform assignmentPublic Health Reform1Unsatisfactory0.00% 2Less thanSatisfactory65.00% 3Satisfactory75.00% 4Good85.00% 5Excellent100.00% 100.0 %HLT605 PublicHealth ReformRubricIncludesIncludesCovers topic in20.0 % Public Includes little Includes littleknowledge aboutknowledge about essentialdepth withHealth Reform knowledgeabout the topic. the topic withthe topic withknowledgeextensive details- CurrentSubjectfew supporting supportingabout the topic and examples.Status ofdetails andwith supporting SubjectPublic Health knowledge is details andnot evident.examples. Little examples. Some details andknowledge isin the U.S.subjectsubjectexamples.excellent.knowledge isknowledge isSubjectevident.evident.knowledgeappears to begood.Surface-levelAnalysis isThoughtfully30.0 % Health Analysis of the Superficiallyevaluation of the direct,analyzesCare Reform strengths and evaluates thestrengths andcompetent, and strengths andPlan Analysis weaknesses of strengths andthe reform plan weaknesses of weaknesses ofappropriate of weaknesses ofis poorlythe reform plan. the reform plan the strengthsthe reform plan.presented.Sufficientis present.and weaknesses Demonstrating aSuggestions for justification of Presents minimal of the reformdeepplanclaims isjustification ofplan. Planunderstanding ofimprovement lacking. Lacks claims. Logically, improvementthe impact fromare missing.consistent unity. but notsuggestions and public healthThere arethoroughly,ideas arereform. Clearlyobvious flaws in providessupported. Uses and convincinglythe logicsuggestions for knowledge ofpresentsconcerningplanpublic healthsuggestions in asuggestions for improvement.reform. Mostdistinctive andplanSources used are sources arecompellingimprovement.credible.authoritative.manner for planSome sourcesimprovement. Allhavesources arequestionableauthoritative.credibility.The contentThe content isThe presentation The content is The content is20.0 % lacks a clearContentComprehensio point of viewand logicalnsequence ofinformation.Includes littlepersuasiveinformation.Sequencing ofideas isunclear. vague inconveying apoint of viewand does notcreate a strongsense ofpurpose.Includes somepersuasiveinformation. slides aregenerallycompetent, butideas may showsomeinconsistency inorganizationand/or in theirrelationships toeach other. written with a written clearlylogicaland concisely.progression of Ideas universallyideas andprogress andsupportingrelate to eachinformationother. The projectexhibiting aincludesunity,motivatingcoherence, and questions andcohesiveness.advancedIncludesorganizers. Thepersuasiveproject gives theinformationaudience a clearfrom reliablesense of the mainsources.idea.Paper lacks any Thesis and/orThesis and/orThesis and/orThesis and/or7.0 % Thesismain claim are main claim are main claim are main claim areDevelopment discernibleoverall purpose insufficientlyapparent andclear andcomprehensive.and Purposeor organizing developedappropriate toforecast theThe essence ofclaim.and/or vague;purpose.development of the paper ispurpose is notthe paper. It is contained withinclear.descriptive and the thesis. Thesisreflective of the statement makesarguments and the purpose ofappropriate to the paper clear.the purpose.Statement of SufficientArgument isArgumentClear and8.0 %purpose is not justification of orderly, but may shows logicalconvincingArgumentjustified by the claims ishave a fewprogression.argumentLogic andinconsistencies. Techniques of presents aConstruction conclusion. The lacking.conclusionArgument lacks The argumentargumentation persuasive claimdoes notconsistent unity. presents minimal are a distinctivesupport theThere arejustification ofThere is aand compellingclaim made.obvious flaws in claims.smoothmanner. AllArgument isthe logic. Some Argumentprogression of sources areincoherent and sources havelogically, but not claims fromauthoritative.usesquestionablethoroughly,introduction tononcrediblecredibility.supports theconclusion.sources.purpose. Sources Most sourcesused arearecredible.authoritative.Introduction andconclusionbracket thethesis.Surface errors Frequent andSome mechanical Prose is largely Writer is clearly5.0 %errors or typos free ofin command ofMechanics of are pervasive repetitiveenough thatmechanicalare present, but mechanicalstandard, written,Writingthey impedeerrors distract are not overlyerrors, although academic(Includescommunication the reader.distracting to the a few may beEnglish.spelling,Inconsistencies reader. Correct present. Apunctuation, of meaning.sentencevariety ofgrammar, and Inappropriate in languagechoice (register),structure andsentencelanguage use.) word choiceand/orsentenceaudiencestructures andsentencestructure, and/or appropriateeffective figuresconstructionword choice are language areof speech areare used.present.used.used.Template is not AppropriateAppropriateAppropriateAll format5.0 % Papertemplate is used, template is used. template is fully elements areFormat (Use of usedappropriately, but someFormatting isused. There are correct.appropriateorelements arecorrect, although virtually nostyle for the major andassignment.) 5.0 %ResearchCitations (Intext citationsforparaphrasingand directquotes, andreference pagelisting andformatting, asappropriate toassignmentand style.)100 % TotalWeightage documentation missing orformat is rarely mistaken. A lackfollowedof control withcorrectly.formatting isapparent.No reference Reference pagepage isis present.included. NoCitations arecitations areinconsistentlyused.used. some minorerrors may bepresent. errors informatting style. Reference page Reference page In-text citationsis included and is present and and a referencelists sourcesfully inclusive of page areused in theall citedcomplete andpaper. Sources sources.correct. Theare appropriately Documentation documentation ofdocumented,is appropriate cited sources isalthough someand citationfree of error.errors may bestyle is usuallypresent.correct.

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