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Read the previous Case (The fateful story about the Florida 5k race)

  • You can read and get some information from the web, but please don't use a direct quote in the paper ( please use your own words thank you).
  • Read the attached file (The fateful story about the Florida 5k race)
  • Required:

    Please answer the question

    Considering your knowledge of investment strategies, prepare a short response to both Karlotta and Ima as to your 3 top suggestions of how they might both be successful investing their inheritance. What is the single most important advice you could give each of them?

    Here are some ideas you can write about

    Some basic information about finance and investments

    The foundations of finance

  • The mom, Macy, looking for growth within the coming five years with low losses, which means short-term investments.
  • some ideas that you can talk about in the essay:

    1) keep her money in savings accounts. why?

    2) money market funds. why?

    3) purchase stocks that pay annual dividends. why?

  • Karlott’s is a prospective investor who is willing to accept risk in compromise of high return.
  • some ideas you can talk about in the essay

    1)invest money in common stocks. explain why

    2)put her money in bond investments. explain why?

    3) you can include other ideas

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