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Read Francis Bacon, ‘On Revenge.’ and Edgar Allen Poe, ‘The Cask of Amontillado’

Question Description

n order to receive full credit for the Discussion Board you are required to write an original response followed by a minimum of two responses to classmates.

Part 1: Your original response (worth up to 6 points)

  1. In one well-developed paragraph explain your understanding of the text. Do not write a lengthy summary of the story or poem. Include at least one key quote from the reading that contributes to your understanding of the reading.
  2. In a second well-developed paragraph share your reaction to the reading. Here is the challenge: Although I am asking for your reaction, I want you to think through your reaction. For example, if the particular language in a poem grabbed you in some way, think about why. If you find a particular scene funny or a character unlikable, say why.
  3. Write a list of "real-world" questions that the reading raises for you. For example, if we read a story about a soldier's wartime experiences, this might make you wonder about how soldiers deal with making the transition back to civilian life when they finally come home. These should not be questions about the specific characters or events in the story or the poem. For example, don't ask, "What will the protagonist Bob do when he comes home?" Instead, pose a question about the "real world" beyond the text. For example, "What resources are there for soldiers who have problems adjusting to civilian life?" List as many questions as you can think of, but try to come with at least three questions, keeping in mind that the questions can be springboards into the essays your write. Number each question (1, 2, 3, and so on.)

Part 2: Your responses to classmates (worth up to 4 points total):

  1. Read your classmates' posts and then respond to a minimum of two classmates by answering one or more of the “real world” questions they posed in their initial response. When you respond to your classmates be sure to include the question to which you are responding.

Due dates:

Your original response is due by the date listed on the calendar, and your responses to classmates are due 24 hours after the due date. In other words, the calendar indicates the date by which you need to have read and shared your initial response. Late submissions will not be accepted for credit.

Be sure to proofread your responses before posting them. Of course, an occasional typo will happen, but you should give attention to writing clear sentences with appropriate punctuation and spelling.

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