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Revision of Phase 4 Key Assignment Review off teacher and others

Question Description

Jim, from the Phase 4 Key Assignment, has decided to stay in the 21st century. He has not been able to stay out of trouble and has broken into 2 homes and stolen the following items:

  • The keys to a new car
  • Five hundred dollars in cash
  • An expensive watch

Again, he has come to the attention of the juvenile justice system. In this court, there are 2 opposing factors. The first factor depends upon a purely psychological view. The second factor depends upon a purely sociological view. These 2 factors will argue in court why he fits their reasoning of why he committed the crime.

Assignment Guidelines

  • Based on instructor feedback and peer review, revise your Phase 4 Key Assignment accordingly.
  • Next, add to your Key Assignment by addressing the following questions in 500–750 words:
    • Which psychological theory best explains Jim's behavior? Discuss in detail, your reasons for this choice. Discuss the type of treatments Jim may receive for this particular theory.
    • Which sociological theory best explains Jim's behavior ? Discuss in detail, your reasons for this choice. Discuss the type of treatments Jim may receive for this particular theory.
  • Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.

What Teacher had to say about the Key outline done:

Great outline, Rebecca. Don't forget to address theories that mighthelp explain juvenile behavior for both periods.

Key review previously done:

Historyof the Criminal Justice System


OpeningStatement: Treatment of young people in the 21st CenturyAmerican justice system has evolved significantly across thecenturies.

Thesis:The Criminal justice system has experienced significant changesacross centuries, from an era without differences between the adultand juvenile system to one in which juveniles have a betteropportunity for reform away from the harsh adult justice system.


i.Thejuvenile system in colonial America

a.Juvenilestreated similarly to adults

b.Commonlaw based on previous sentences used as opposed to laws developed inanticipation of certain crimes (Friedman & Hayden, 2017)

-Jim’ssentence for his charges would be based on the justice’sperception of the case and sentence offered to previous similarcases of breaking and entering.

ii.Juvenilesystem in 21st century America

a.Aclear distinction between adult and juvenile justice systems in the21st-century American justice system

b.Legalstandards used as a basis in trials involving minors whichguarantees consistency in cases involving certain forms of crime

-Jim’ssentence in the 21st century would be consistent withlegal provisions and similar cases that the court has presided oninvolving juveniles

iii.Comparisonbetween the period

a.Developmentof professionalism in handling juvenile cases

-Thecontemporary society understands that different factors contributeto delinquencies among juveniles compared to adults, and influencingpositive change would require varied approaches to reforming the individuals

b.Improvedtraining and research on appropriate criminal justice policies foradults and juveniles

-Thejuvenile justice system receives guidance from well-researchedpolicies on dealing with young people as opposed to dependence onjudges’ assessments in colonial America


Restatementof a thesis based on the paper’s body paragraphs

Closingstatement: increasing research on juvenile delinquency has thepotential to improve the juvenile justice system even further.


Friedman,L. M., & Hayden, G. M. (2017). American law: Anintroduction. New York: Oxford University Press.

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