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Scientific Method HomeworkBIO 1015L SMWXRogowski9/19/16Overview: To become famil

Scientific Method HomeworkBIO 1015L SMWXRogowski9/19/16Overview: To become familiarized with the method of scientific experimentation.Aims:To design and conduct an experiment to determine if distraction affects reaction time.To summarize the experiment with reference the posted Phelan textbook “Steps”.PROCEDURE (WHAT YOU NEED TO DO TO CONDUCT THE EXPERIMENT):1. Go to the website: Follow the directions to download the various programs. This will enable you to run thereaction time stop light test on your computer.3. Think of a behavior that a person might perform that might distract him or her fromperforming well on the task. Be creative.4. Have three subjects. (You can be one of the three subjects. In addition to yourself, askfriends or family members to participate.)Have the subject (1) take the reaction time test with the five trials as practice (do not countthis data this is to familiarize the person with the task to be performed). (2) Then have theperson take the test again. This time, record the raw data and average time (You may take apicture of the computer screen). (3) Lastly have the subject take the reaction time test whileengaging in a distracting procedure. Record the raw data and average time (You may take apicture of the computer screen). Make a note that these results are with the distractioncondition.(4) This data you will attach to your homework (refer to Step 4).POINTS YOU NEED TO INCLUDE FOR THE SUMMARY OF THE EXPERIMENTParts of a scientific experiment:Step 1: Make observationsProvide the background information that led to this experiment. Then describe your taskand say why you think this would be considered distracting.Step 2: Formulate a hypothesisThe hypothesis should be a testable explanation about factors affecting reaction time.Remember to include this in the context of the reaction time task.Step 3: Devise a predictionThe prediction in similar to the hypothesis but actually states what you believe will be thecause and effect relationship in the context of your experiment. It is useful to write theprediction as an “If…then” statement.Step 4: Conduct a critical experimentDescribe the control and the test conditions. Report the raw data for each subject as well asthe average of the five replicates (i.e., repeats) of the experiment. Consider how you canminimize experimental variables.Step 5: Draw conclusions, make revisions.Make a statement as to whether the results supported your hypothesis or not. You shouldstate your evidence i.e., did the reaction time increase, decrease, or stayed the same forScientific Method HomeworkBIO 1015L SMWXRogowski9/19/16each subject when comparing control treatment and experimental treatment. Thencompare subjects: did they all have the same trend in reaction time an increase, decrease orstayed the same between control and experimental groups? If there is a difference amongthe subjects could this be due to another factors that you should have noted? This could bea statement as to how this experiment can be re-designed or improved.Written Homework (Due Monday, 9/26/16)After completing your experiment, write 400-500 word summary of your research. Includean introduction, hypothesis, prediction, methods, results and conclusions.In addition briefly describe:(1) Examples of specific issues that you had to consider in order to conduct yourexperiment, and(2) What you learned about the process of science by doing the assignment.Submit your document in a hardcopy at the beginning of class on the due date (9/26/16).

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