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Stray Bullet Film Discussion

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I have uploaded the reading you need for the citations.

Movie selections: PICK ONE of Angels on the Streets, Coachman (Coach Driver), Stray Bullet

Discuss ONE of the following topics below, based on your viewing of the films, lectures, and the readings we have done so far. Your essay doesn’t have to address every question in a given topic as they are guidelines for your thoughts. Instead, focus on one or two questions in a topic. Pick one of the screened films we watched in their entirety, but you can also refer to the films we have viewed in excerpts in class. Your reaction paper should be an analytical essay, 2 pages in length, double-spaced. It should contain 2 citations from relevant course readings and 2 short, analytical passages about 2 film techniques.

1. Discuss one film in its depiction of modernization and modernity. What are the visual images associated with modernity? What are the ideas, places, professions, experiences, characters, etc., that seemed to be associated with being modern? What seems to be the attitude towards modernization and modernity in the film you’re analyzing? What is the film’s attitude towards the foreign, especially the West? Is this attitude clear or ambivalent? What are the film techniques that you have noticed in the film, such as panning, tracking shots, close-ups, reaction shots, or the use of music, to name a few, that express a certain attitude towards modernity?

2. Discuss the central conflict or crisis in one film. What is the source of the conflict, tension or crisis? How is this crisis related to the character’s socio-economic situation, and how does it reflect (or not) Korea that is outside the fictional world of the film’s narrative? How is the central conflict related to the issues of family, gender, class, or sexuality? How is it related to larger issues and national crisis, such as colonialism or the Korean War? How is music used to express climax or moments of crisis? What seems to be the message for the audience at the end of the film? Does it or should it have a message for the audience?

Directors’ and Characters’ Names (1/8 – 1/31)

*Last name is written down first, according to the Korean norm

1/8 “Cinema on the Road” dir., Jang Sunwoo, 1995

“Homeless Angels”/ “Angels on the Streets” dir., Choe Ingyu, 1941

Older sister: Myongja

Brother: Yong’gil

Teacher: Mr. Bang

Benefactor: Dr. Ahn

Island Orphanage: Hyangrinwon

1/10 “Sweet Dream” dir., Yang Junam, 1936

wife: Aesoon

daughter: Junghee

1/15 “Coachman” / “Coach Driver” dir., Kang Daejin, 1961

Man: Choonsam

Woman: Suwondaek

Son 1: Sueop; Daughter 1: Okrye; Daughter 2: Okhee ;Son 2: Daeeop

“Madame Freedom” dir., Han Hyongmo, 1956

Wife: Madame O or Sunyoung; Husband: Professor Jang

Neighbor: Choonho; Choonho’s Girlfriend and Sunyoung’s Niece: Myongok

1/17 “Bitter but Once Again” / “Love Me Once Again” dir., Jeong Soyoung, 1968

Woman: Hyeyoung; Man: Sinho

1/22 “Barefoot Youth” / “Youth of Naked Feet” dir., Kim Kideok, 1964

Man: Dusu

Woman: Johanna

Dusu’s crony: Twist Kim

1/22“Stray Bullet” / “Aimless Bullet” dir., Yu Hyonmok, 1961

Man: Cheolho

Younger Brother 1: Youngho; Younger Brother 2: Minho; Younger Sister: Myongok

1/24 TBD: Lee Man Hee’s film

1/29 “A Flower in Hell” dir., Shin Sangok, 1958

Older Brother: Youngsik

Younger Brother: Dongsik

Woman: Sonya

Young Prostitute: Judy

Reaction Paper Guide / Winter 2019 / K/AST/MCS47 / Professor Jeong

  • Pick a film and one or two questions from a paper topic that you feel confident about.
  • To select the readings and the film material for your paper, ask yourself whether they are the best examples to support your thesis. Direct relevance is important, and so is the ability to not just cite but taking the most salient part of the written or film text for your short paper. “Citation” can be paraphrased, rather than verbatim, word-for-word quote.
  • In the title, mention a keyword or phrase from the essay prompt that you chose and the film title that will be your main focus.
  • The first paragraph is a miniature of the paper: It must have the problematic (topic) and your conclusion (thesis/argument), and the middle part of the thesis should be the “how” or “why” you reached this conclusion.
  • To avoid plot summary, never begin at the beginning of the film narrative. State your thesis first and say which scenes you will focus on, to show your understanding of the written or film text.
  • The exact number of paragraphs is not important, but having a topic sentence per paragraph is. Each paragraph should make a point and as the paper progresses, should build up to a coherent whole that leads to your conclusion/argument/thesis.
  • Avoid citing dictionary or Wikipedia as they generally don’t help the quality of the paper.
  • Following are some examples of correct citations of a film or text:
  • Finally, make sure to edit, proofread, and upload the paper on SafeAssign by February 1 to complete the assignment.

Then narrowly focus on the two readings and two scenes that you want to cite and analyze in your paper. If it’s helpful, think about a single character in the film that best exemplifies what you want to say about the topic.

Ex 1: In Im Kwon-taek’s 1993 film “Sop’yonje” he uses the main character Yubong to illustrate obsession with art.

Ex 2: In “Sop’yonje” we see a man obsessed with art (Dir. Im Kwon-taek, 1993).

Ex 3: In Chon Il-song’s “His Thoughts II” on the director Im Kwon-taek, he argues that “Sop’yonje” has the same structure as “Citizen Kane” (Chong, p. 45).

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