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The Effect of Packaging on the Purchase

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We had an interesting project concerning how packaging effects our purchasing behavior. Packaging can make the difference between buying or not buying a product. Also, packaging can mask the product making us believe we prefer one product over another. This is a strategy companies use to get you to purchase and repurchase their product.

Discussion Question: Describe a product you buy, use, or like because of its packaging, be specific. How does that influence you to buy this product. If you cannot think of a specific example, look at different product packaging and describe how it may help customers choose it.

Here is mine. I use to drink a lot of soft drinks. I really had no preference over Pepsi Cola or Coca Cola. Although they have similar taste and a distinct sweetness or higher carbonation, I did not prefer one over the other. When Coca Cola came out with the 20 oz contour grip bottle, I was done with Pepsi. That is what it took for me to be a loyal customer. I liked how the contour bottle fit in my hand. Packaging can help us choose one product over another.

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